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About Us

Say goodbye to manual processes and save time through unified collaboration.

Origin Story

At the beginning of this year we set out to build application for small and medium businesses.

The idea that a single software can be used to create applications for different businesses that too configured according to their needs seemed an elusive one. As we could envisage this software should be easy to use, could be utilized to cater to the needs of many companies who wish to have a solution customized to their needs but don’t want to spend the kind of cash such solutions may cost.

We wanted the application to work the way we program, hence making it easy for our customers to collaborate and get work done. We care deeply about the products we build for our customers. Hence we built this platform which stands for usefulness and ease of use.

Our platform is built for small groups. In some cases it may be a small business having distributed teams and in others it may be a department or smaller group in a large business. We make these groups work better together.

Things we believe

  • Business Software should be affordable

  • Great Customer Service matters

  • Easy to use - No training required

  • Focus on usefulness. No complexity or useless features

  • Improvise on the basics

Our Mission is a platform for travel booking companies, real estate businesses, tech support businesses having distributed teams

  1. Who depend heavily on excel files for their business operations and management
  2. Who require custom applications for data management

We empower small businesses to manage work by easily structuring data and link tasks.

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