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Why Use

Easiest way to automate workflows and collaborate with remote teams.

Over 90% of businesses use Excel to manage their business. Despite many software options to choose from, most small and medium businesses use email, spreadsheets and paper checklists to track their processes.

Why is that?

Traditional BPM (Business Process Management) and workflow software are bloated, expensive, hard to install, and hard to use. It requires employees to be trained on a complex, non-intuitive interface.

Does this describe you?

Your business processes are recorded in a 'master' binder that no one looks at anymore. Or exist as loose collections of spreadsheets and sticky notes. Most processes exist only in your employees heads. Attempts to implement BPM are met with low user adoption.

Imagine if...

All your business processes are securely stored. It is easy to manage and update these processes. Your employees actually use the software because it is user friendly. New employees need less training since their processes are already set up. No one ever has to wonder "How do I do this?" again.

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