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Business Owners & Managers

  • Streamline your business process which needs to be automated
  • Track and follow up on your clients
  • Search for old clients and their details
  • Manage employee leave applications
  • Track your Project & Travel expenses

Our experts would be happy to automate your processes.

Easiest way to automate workflows

  • Decide which process you want to automate.
  • Build applications in minutes.
  • Define the workflow with document handling.
  • Assign rights to users/groups on the steps.
  • You are ready to work on this process.

Saved time

Say goodbye to forgotten calls and lost leads. Get more done with time saved.
21% increase in sales

More high quality client interactions in less time = $$$
Improved service by 12%

Make it super easy to follow-up on customers.

How it works

Spend 2 minutes setting up your workspace preferences.
Share your workspace with clients, colleagues and be always connected with your team.
Everyone receives updates on assigned tasks and complete their work on

Getting started takes less than 2 minutes

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